Tesla’s annual delivery numbers have been on an upward trajectory for years now, but investment firm Wedbush believes in 2021 and 2022 delivery figures will truly explode. In a new report Wedbush suggested Tesla will deliver 900,000 cars in 2021, followed by 1.3 million in 2022.

For reference, in 2018 Tesla delivered 245,240 vehicles and in 2019 they delivered approximately 367,500 vehicles. Meanwhile, last year 499,550 Teslas were delivered. Many analysts expected Tesla to crack 1 million deliveries in 2021, however the auto industry as a whole has been hit by severe supply chain issues meaning such a feat is now looking unlikely – even if the demand is there.

That said, Wedbush believes Tesla is ahead of many other automakers in terms of addressing supply chain issues, and expects them to still deliver a record-breaking 900,000 cars this year. In 2022, when Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are fully operational and supply chain issues are a thing of the past, Wedbush expects Tesla to push through and deliver 1.3 million vehicles. This would place them much closer to other mass-market premium brands such as BMW, who delivered just over 2 million vehicles in 2020.

Although Wedbush analyst Dan Ives acknowledged competition was increasing in the report, he also stated Tesla will be “leading the charge” as the auto industry as a whole moves to electric. Wedbush currently has an Outperform rating on Tesla and a $950 to $1,000 price target.

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