Tesla reveals an upcoming big new in-car software update with new and updated user interface, ‘Auto Shift Beta’, native Audible, updated Spotify app, and more.

The software update sounds like the one we generally get as an end-of-the-year “holiday update”, which we noted was a bit disappointing last year.

It is not available just yet. Tesla says that it is coming this spring and it revealed some of the main features of the update as a teaser.

First off, the Tesla Spring update is going to bring a new UI to Model 3 and Model vehicles with AMD chips, which are cars produced since 2022.

Tesla notes the main visual changes:

  • Immersive full-screen vehicle controls when parked
  • Large playback controls & quick access to Recents, Favorites & Up Next in media player
  • Expandable Autopilot driving visualizations, with a smaller map in the top right for trip guidance

Here’s what it looks like:


You can see the new vehicle controls graphic dead center, the new smaller map mode at the top right, and the new navigation card at the bottom right.

The second big update is “Auto Shift Beta”, which is coming to refreshed Model S and Model X (2021 and later).


Tesla writes about Auto Shift (Beta):

Auto Shift (Beta) can now also shift between Drive (D) & Reverse (R) based on your surroundings, in addition to shifting out of Park (P). Vehicle settings > Pedals & Steering > Auto Shift (Beta)

This is coming due to Tesla removing the drive gear stalk from the steering wheel of the Model S, Model X, and more recently Model 3.

Drivers of those Tesla vehicles now have to use the screen to change gears, but the automaker always said that the goal is for the car to change the gears itself over time.

Tesla is also bringing new and updated native apps to its vehicles.

In a release about the upcoming update, Tesla says that it will release a native Audible app. Audible is Amazon’s audiobook app.

Tesla’s existing native Spotify app is also getting an update. Queues across vehicles and devices and adjustable playback speed are now available.


Tesla also says that it is bringing a new feature called ‘Hands-Free Trunk’ to Model S/X 2021 and later, as well as the upgraded Model 3. If you stand still behind your trunk with your phone key, the trunk will open on its own.

You will be able to activate the feature in “Vehicle settings > Locks > Hands-Free Trunk.”

The automaker is also making Sentry Mode videos reviewable from notifications:


The automaker also announced that it will be able to increase regenerative braking on highways for refreshed Model S/X (2021 and later).

Tesla wrote:

“At high speeds, your vehicle now allows for more regenerative braking, meaning more energy can return to the battery. “

Finally, Tesla says that it will save parents the need to answer a few “are we there yet?” with now the capability for “rear passengers to see current trip details, time and temperature at the top of the rear touchscreen,” for the vehicles that are equipped with it.

Tesla didn’t reveal the timing for this update, but it is expected to be gradually pushed to the fleet in the coming weeks.

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