Tesla has started customer deliveries of its refreshed Model X SUV. The company has also said it will soon provide more clarity about upcoming delivery dates. In the meantime, sightings of large groups of Model X electric crossovers are mounting.

As you can see in the video above, which is a drone flyover of Tesla’s original factory in Fremont, California, there aren’t thousands of Model X in plain view at the site, but the number of vehicles that appear to be ready for delivery is growing. According to Teslarati, the electric automaker likely has plans to get these Model X vehicles delivered this quarter, which makes perfect sense, and would coincide with Tesla’s end-of-the-year push.

The drone photographer, known on YouTube as “Meet God in the wilderness” (translated to English), noted that you can see trailers outside the Fremont facility lining up to head in. This isn’t the first time people have spotted car carriers at Fremont that appear to be coming to pick up refreshed Model X SUVs. 

It’s not clear whether the fleet of Model X’s are Plaid models, Long Range models, or a combination of both. However, once more deliveries begin, we should have a better idea of Tesla’s plans related to the models.

According to Teslarati, there’s a greater likelihood that the Model X crossovers are the cheaper Long Range vehicles, since all confirmed deliveries thus far have reportedly been the Model X Long Range. The publication also notes that all the delivered crossovers have had six seats, and that Tesla has actually reached out to Model X reservation-holders asking them if they’d be willing to upgrade to the six-seat model.

There are plenty of missing details at this point, but based on the information that’s been gleaned to date, it looks like Model X Plaid reservation-holders may still have to wait until 2022 to take delivery.

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