The holiday season is officially among us. A season where we tend to spend more of our time in our homes with friends and family, whether these visits are in person or digitally following another tough year for the world. This season, bring that feeling of home to all of your friends and family by taking advantage of special deals from EcoFlow. With several deals to choose from, you can send an EcoFlow product to anyone in the world to ensure their holiday season stays bright.

Holiday deals from EcoFlow

In honor of the holiday season, EcoFlow is helping make gift buying easier this year with some exclusive (and limited time) deals to take advantage of. The list below offers six unique power storage solutions to fit different budgets and energy needs.

You may want to check this list twice to ensure you’re getting the best EcoFlow deal for you and your giftees this year. Let’s begin with the EcoFlow RIVER mini.

EcoFlow deals

EcoFlow RIVER mini deal

First on our list is the mini version of EcoFlow’s popular RIVER device. The RIVER mini is already one of EcoFlow’s most affordable options, but as a holiday deal, EcoFlow is taking an extra $90 off the MSRP. It’s currently priced at only $259 on EcoFlow.com and Amazon.

The EcoFlow RIVER mini offers you 210Wh of power anywhere you go, as it can fit in your hand or be easily transported in a backpack. At only 6.3 lbs (2.9 kg), it shouldn’t be too taxing to carry around either.

Despite its transportability, the RIVER mini can still safely power 99% of consumer electronics via AC, DC, and USB-A outputs that deliver 300W (600W surge). This is the ideal device to power your phone, laptop, or even lights on the go.

Keeping the RIVER mini charged is a snap too. It can juice up from 0-80% in an hour on an AC outlet, and can fully recharge in 1.5 hours. Check out a RIVER mini yourself for $259 (reg. $349) through the EcoFlow website or Amazon and keep scrolling for more unique deals.

EcoFlow DELTA mini

When you see “mini” on this DELTA power station, understand the name pertains to its compact size and weight. There is nothing mini about its versatile 882Wh capacity. This holiday season, you can get an EcoFlow DELTA mini under someone’s tree for $899 through the EcoFlow website, or on Amazon.

At only 23.6 pounds, the mini remains the lightest of all DELTA models, while still delivering a significant capacity to keep you going through unexpected power outages, outdoor activities, remote work, and more. Furthermore, the DELTA mini can handle 12 different devices simultaneously through its array of wall-style outlets, USB ports, and DC outlets.

Perhaps you’re out on a sleigh ride and need to replenish your power station, no problem. The DELTA mini can garner 300W from EcoFlow Solar Panels and fully recharge in three to six hours depending on the weather. If you happen to be near a traditional AC outlet, the mini can fully recharge from 0-100% in just 96 minutes.

The EcoFlow DELTA mini would make a perfect gift for yourself or loved one this year, especially for the special holiday deal of $899 (reg. $999). See for yourself on the EcoFlow website or on Amazon.

EcoFlow deals

EcoFlow DELTA deal

The next holiday deal from EcoFlow is for the standard DELTA Portable Power Station. For a limited time, EcoFlow is taking $300 off the MSRP of the DELTA, currently priced at $1,099 on both the EcoFlow website and Amazon.

Moving upward from the mini, you’ll notice improvements in capacity and device capabilities with the DELTA, whether it’s being used for outdoor fun, professional work, or emergency power during a natural disaster. No matter the application, the EcoFlow DELTA consistently offers you a 1,260Wh capacity – capable of powering 13 different devices at once.

This includes six 1,800W, which can power most home appliances or heavy-duty tools. With USB-A fast charge, USB-C, and car outputs, the EcoFlow DELTA offers every port you’ll need to power any device, no matter where you are.

Despite its massive capacity, the DELTA still delivers the speedy recharge times EcoFlow is known for. Speaking of which, the DELTA can charge from 0-100% in just 1.6 hours – that’s 10 times faster than most of the other portable power stations on the market.

Interested in experiencing DELTA for yourself? EcoFlow’s special price of $1,099 (reg. $1,399) is a great opportunity to get your hands on one. They’re currently available through EcoFlow or Amazon.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

If you’ve read this far and the EcoFlow deals haven’t decked your halls yet, you might need to check out the DELTA Max. This top tier power station in the EcoFlow line delivers 2kWh of capacity for only $1,899 through EcoFlow or Amazon thanks to its holiday deal. That’s not all.

The DELTA Max is unique to other power stations, in that it has the ability to expand its power capacity to a whopping 6kWh (6,048 Wh) via EcoFlow’s DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries. This robust additional storage can offer the peace of mind and dependability that can power your house lights during a blackout for hours on end… including those twinkle lights and the waving Santa outside.

Having the DELTA Max as a backup for power outages is vital, but it does so much more. By utilizing EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, the DELTA Max can also power heavy-duty devices like home appliances up to 3,400W. It’s quick too. This power station can replenish from 0-80% of its 2kWh capacity in just 65 minutes.

Experience ultimate portable power with the DELTA Max, currently available as a holiday deal for $1,899 (reg. $2,099) on the EcoFlow website or on Amazon.

EcoFlow deals

DELTA Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA + 2 x 110W Solar Panels)

EcoFlow is currently offering nearly $700 off this package that includes a DELTA power station and two 110W Solar Panels – priced for $1,499 on both the EcoFlow store and Amazon.

In addition to obtaining the power from the EcoFlow DELTA outlined above, you’ll also receive two 110W Solar Panels, each delivering a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. Each 110W Solar Panel is portable, foldable, waterproof, and light – weighing in around 13.2 lbs (6kg).

By purchasing this bundled deal for the holidays, you’ll be able to combine both 110W Solar Panels with the EcoFlow DELTA portable power station. This offers improved solar recharge capabilities in cold and cloudy environments – perfect for the overcast winter season and beyond.

Speaking of weather, you will be able to fully recharge your new DELTA power station in 7 to 14 hours using solar alone. This certainly offers you more mobility and less dependency on an AC or 12V outlet to recharge.

As part of the current holiday deals, EcoFlow is offering this bundle for only $1499 (reg. $2,197), available through EcoFlow or Amazon.

EcoFlow deals

DELTA Max (1600) Bundle (EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600) + 4 x 110W Solar Panels)

If you’re looking for the quality technology that meets value, the DELTA Max (1600) Bundle should be on your Christmas list. This holiday deal from EcoFlow offers the most wattage for your buck with a whopping $1,100 off the MSRP. Now available as a holiday deal for $2299 via EcoFlow or Amazon, the DELTA Max Bundle is sure to light up any lucky person who unwraps it.

The DELTA Max (1600) is a scaled version of the larger DELTA Max mentioned above. While the DELTA MAX (1600) may offer less reserve power than its larger sibling, there is nothing small about this DELTA Max (1600) bundle and its tremendous 1612Wh capacity.

Its 2,000W output can power not 13, not 14, but 15 devices at one… the hardest part will be finding that many pieces of technology to plug in. With X-Boost enabled, the DELTA Max (1600) can even power some 2800W appliances, so you could potentially wash your reindeer onesie pajamas using power station.

The DELTA MAX (1600) Bundle comes complete with 4 x 110W Solar Panels, each offering foldable, portable energy generation at an efficiency of 21-22%. When you pair the four solar panels in this bundle, you will be able to fully recharge your DELTA Max (1600) in 4.5 to 9 hours by power of the Sun alone.

On top of getting the largest amount of devices in this bundle, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the biggest current deal from EcoFlow, now priced at $2299 (reg. 3,399). Peruse for yourself on the EcoFlow website or on Amazon.

EcoFlow deals
An EcoFlow Solar Panel folded up for easy transport / Source: EcoFlow

Get your EcoFlow holiday deals while they still last

This holiday shopping season is already proving to be a busy one. It’s best to get a jump on all your shopping early, so you’re not left waiting on a delivery or worse yet… missing out on these exclusive deals from EcoFlow.

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