Electric bikes allow you to get around easier, avoid traffic, and avoid the rising costs of fuel. This is a more efficient and cheaper way of transport. But as all things are, you have to put in some effort in order to reap the rewards.

Although charging your electric bike may seem like an easy task to most, there are some safety measures you should take before charging your electric bike overnight. Or even during the day.

STEP 1: Turn off your Electric Bike.

The process is similar for all types of Electric bikes that use an on-screen display. Usually there is a power button located near this screen or somewhere on the handlebars. This is not always a button, as sometimes it can be an On/Off switch. Much like the lights in your house!

STEP 2: Use a compatible charger.

Each electric bike comes with it’s own charger in the box, however you may be someone that has had to replace their charger due to the original one breaking. When you purchase a charger it’s easy to find one that is compatible with your E-bike as it usually tells you in the product description. There can still be compatibility issues with purchasing a charger online. The best way to ensure your charger is compatible is by looking at the user manual / manufacturers recommendation on the max charging output. For example, a 48V battery may require a 52V charging cable.

Secondly, the charger head / tip must match your charging port shape otherwise it will not fit in the hole correctly and you may damage the charging port if you use too much force when inserting.

STEP 3: Place your bike in a well ventilated area.

If you are unable to charge your electric bike in a ventilated area, it is fine. Setting up a ventilated area is recommended by our Electrical engineer to provide ventilation where possible. If there is a malfunction and the battery / charger overheats, the added ventilation will reduce the chances of a fire.

STEP 4: Start Charging!

Charging your electric bike safely is a low effort process and should be adopted by everyone to decrease the amount of accidents.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t let the battery fully die before charging.
  • Always aim to charge from 5% to 95% .
  • Avoid charging overnight unsupervised.
  • If you notice weird smells, high temperature or smoke coming from the charger or E-bike stop charging immediately and move the E-bike away to a safe place.
  • Always seek advice from a trained professional for electrical issues.

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